Shop Heritage+The Yellow Collective

Shop Heritage+The Yellow Collective

We love collaborating and empowering local creatives who want to change their community.


The Yellow Co. is a company dedicated to doing just that...their mission is simple: To empower creative, entrepreneurial minded women everywhere who want to use their passion to ignite change in the world. Their latest movement, the Yellow Collective, is their expansion of this mission through local chapters. Heritage was so honored to host the Orange County chapter gathering. 

We provided the space, turkish towels, totes, and Jenn, our fearless leader (and a creative entrepreneur herself) set up all the decor and special details for the event...She even shared some of her journey, learnings and encouragements to the ladies as they talked about stepping out towards their personal and professional dreams. The Yellow Co. provided the inspiration, snacks, and conversation. It was so fun to have so many OC locals that have never been to the shop before ooh and ahh at this sweet store we've come to love so much. This is what Shop Heritage was created for!

We desire to design not just a shop to purchase pretty things, but an experience that allows our customers and passer-bys alike an opportunity to breathe in life. We are thankful for the opportunity to invite such hard working, inspirational women to utilize our space and some shop items to have a day where they can rest and encourage each other as they pursue their creative dreams and purposes. 

Thank you to Andrea David for capturing the occassion, and to the Yellow Co. for using our space. 


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